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Thank You for signing up to host a Social Closet Live!

Please select your time slot below! One slot is available per day other than Thursdays. 

Please be sure to submit your Facebook link when signing up so that your posts can be pre-approved! 


  • Make a public post letting your network know you will be hosting a closet clean out and tag the group! Because of Facebook algorithms, many members in the group won't even see that you are live! However, those that you are friends with on Facebook are more likely to get the notification. When your Facebook friends join the Live, Facebook will push it out to more people!

  • Once you go live, share the video to your timeline. The Social Closet is a public group so this will help drive shoppers to your video! You may have to do this from a different device. 

  • Totally optional, but giving away something for shares always helps! For example you could give away a small prize if your Live hits "x" number of shares. 

  • I'd recommend creating a spreadsheet/list before the live with the description and price of each item. It helps move things along and keeps you organized! 

  • After trying a few different methods, we have found that having people comment the item number + their e-mail is best! Then you can send them an invoice via Paypal or Venmo after. 

  • Shipping is completely up to you, but make sure you share what it is on the Live and/or in the caption. A flat rate of $7 for the first item and $1 for every additional item is what has worked best for us in the past. Or, you can price the items higher and include shipping. 

  • Have fun & be yourself! We can't wait to shop your closet! 

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