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Hello, Gorgeous!

Welcome to The Social Closet! I am thrilled you are here and hope that I can impact you in some small way today! If you are a part of our Social Community on Facebook, you probably already know this week's password to access the #ThirtyonThursdays. If so, enter the password here. If you don't have any clue what I'm talking about, keep reading! 

What is The Social Closet?

Great question! The Social Closet is a Social Community I created on Facebook to connect women from all over the country for all things beauty, fashion, and social! A major part of this Community is #ThirtyonThursdays, which is just a password away for you! Every Thursday (except for the 4th), I launch at least 30 pre-loved items way below retail or resale value. These items consist of clothing, jewelry, purses and more. Once the items are live, a password is posted in The Social Closet Facebook Group and everything is first come first serve! #maythefastestshopperwin

What happens on the 4th Thursday?

Social Closet Clean Outs happen on the 4th Thursday of every month! This means that any member can post a listing of up to 30 Pre-Loved items. This is a great way to clean out your closet and meet new friends in the community! For all details, click here.

So... Where does the money go?

I'm glad you asked! All proceeds go back into our Community to fund giveaways and fun incentives, community outreach and to cover the cost of operation #websitefees! Additionally, most items that have been featured for a while and don't sell will be donated to Goodwill or Crisis Assistance Ministry in Charlotte, NC. At this time, most proceeds will be donated to families impacted by COVID-19.

What inspired you to start The Social Closet?

Well... a few things! After college, I worked full time in the corporate world at a marketing job that required me to dress nice every day. Last year I was able to quit my job and work from home through Social Selling. So, my go-to look these days is more "just rolled out of bed" than "here to conquer the world" like my 9-5 days. Between this and yo-yo dieting (#owningit), I found myself having SO MANY CLOTHES I don't use! I recently moved and started brainstorming what to do with everything, and this idea was born! I hope my clothes can help other boss babes feel like they can conquer the world, too! 

Why not just list on Poshmark?

Answer A) is ... #fees - seriously, they charge so much there really isn't a point. 

Answer B) is... Community! I'd rather discount my clothes for someone I'm connected to rather than strangers on the innerwebs!


I have so many more questions...

No worries! I have put together a FAQ page here that covers everything like shipping, the return policy, and so much more. If I didn't answer all of your questions, feel free to send me a message through the Contact form. But for now, let's get you access to The Social Closet! 

After you join our Facebook Community, head to "Announcements."

Here you will find this week's password which you can enter below.

Happy shopping, my friend!

xo, AJ

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