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How do Social Closet Clean Outs work?

Starting on the 4th Thursday of every month, members may create a listing of up to 30 items from their Closet. All transactions are between the buyer & seller as The Social Closet is just a community that gives women the platform to clean out their closets! 

What are the rules?

  • Social Closet Clean Outs were created to be a platform for women to sell new or gently used clothing, shoes, purses, jewelry and other accessories that did not work for them. 

  • If you see an item you want to purchase, comment "SOLD" below the photo. Tagging the person who listed the item will help them see your notification. 

  • If someone has already commented "SOLD," you can comment "NEXT" in case the sale falls through.

  • For the safety of our Community, please keep communication such as shipping addresses and payment information within Facebook Messenger and not on the actual post.

  • Transactions should go through Paypal as "Goods or Services" to stay in regulation with Facebook policies, but this is between the buyer and seller. Shipping costs and all things transaction related are between the two parties as well. 

  • The Social Closet is not responsible for any issues that occur between the buyer and seller. However, if an issue is reported, members may be removed/blocked from the group. 

  • Please DELETE sold items to keep the group clean. 

  • All Social Closet Clean Out posts will be deleted before the next SCCO opens one month later (the 4th Thursday of every month).

How do I post my items?


On the 4th Thursday of the month, go to "The Social Closet," then "Write Post, click "More" (or the 3 dots), and select  Sell Something. 



Upload ONE photo on the listing. Think of this as the cover photo for your entire listing, so what you choose is up to you! Here are some ideas for the cover photo:

  • A photo of all of the items together in one area (on bed/clean space)

  • A collage of photos of the items

  • Text with what is in your listing 

  • A photo of you! 

Title your listing, add a price (I would put the price of your cheapest item - Facebook makes you put a price here), update your location (if you want, this truly doesn't matter), and add a Description if you choose. 

Click Next.

xo, AJ


3. Click POST. You can list it in other groups, but keep in mind to update your listing in TSC if you sell something elsewhere. 


4. When your cover photo is approved, you will receive a notification. Next, you will COMMENT your items in the comment section of your listing. Please include:

Selling Price

Retail Value (Optional)




Brief Description

Photo(s) of the item

*If you have more than one photo of the item, you can comment additional ones under the original photo by replying to yourself. 


That's it! Please be sure to keep an eye on your listing so you can send your goodies off to their new home right away! Happy Listing! 

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