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Hi, I'm AJ!

Out of all the pages you could stumble upon while on social media, you've landed on mine, and that makes me SO happy! I'd love to help you in any way I can - whether that be beauty, business or even random Amazon links.

I've separated the different categories below to make this page easier to navigate, and well... if you stick around, you'll see that organization is my thing!

So thanks for stopping by. I hope we can be friends!

xo, AJ

PS. If you're here for my templates or downloads, click here

AJ Yates Bellame


I am honored to introduce you to the brand I am completely obsessed with: 


I've had the honor of helping formulate and test many of these products, so trust me when I say they are obsession-worthy! Take a moment and browse the links below.


I'm not one of those Social Sellers that hides what they do so you have to reach out for more information. I lay it all out there because if you're like me, I like to research before contacting anyone about ANYTHING! Also, I'm very proud of what I do!

I started Social Selling while I was working full time for extra money and I was craving leadership, community, and success. I loved my job and had no intentions to leave, but six years later here we are.

I am a full-time Social Seller and am the top leader at BELLAME!

I have been able to help formulate products, coach leaders to success and travel the world. I will never say this business is easy or that success is guaranteed, but I will say that we have put together the tools and systems to help make it SIMPLE. It's up to you to take those tools, learn, and run like crazy!


"Can you send me the link?"

I love getting those messages and I love sharing helpful finds! Here are the links I share in my Instagram stories:


I'll be honest, I rarely remember to check my Instagram/Facebook Message Request folders! If you're wanting to connect, click on this button, say hello + leave some info about you, and I'll get back to you during my next office hours!

Thanks for stopping by my little piece of the internet. xo

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